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GPP-100 C3 Kit

For determination of Complement 3. All-in-one cartridge. Compatible to specific protein platform GPP-100
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  • GP33020

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1.     Intended Use

This product is used on GPP-100 Specific Protein Analyzer for quantitative determination of Complement 3 (C3) in human serum or plasma as an aid in diagnosis of abnormal C3 metabolism.


2.     Summary

C3 plays a central role in the classic and alternative complement pathways. The split products of C3 have important biological functions. For example, C3a is an anaphylatoxin and the precursor of some cytokines, and C3b is an opsonin.

Decreased C3 levels are reported in Systemic Lupus Erythematosus, recurrent immune infections with pyrogenic bacteria, various kidney diseases and in congenital deficiencies. C3 also behaves like an acute phase protein. Therefore, increased C3 levels can be found in the acute inflammatory process.

  • Classical Immunoassay Technology: Nephelometry

  • All-in-one cartridge for single test


The Most Innovative fully automatic Nephelometry analyzer


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