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HPLC HbA1c Elution Buffer

HPLC HbA1c Elution Buffer A/B/C on GSH-60 Automatic HPLC HbA1c Analyzer.
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1.     Intended Use

HbA1c Elution Buffer A, when used in conjunction with GSH-60 Automatic HPLC HbA1c Analyzer, is intended for in vitro diagnostic use for the quantitative determination of Hemoglobin A1c (HbA1c) in human whole blood.

2.     Test Principle

High Performance Liquid Chromatography (HPLC) is applied. Based on the charge differences, this method separates HbF, HbA1c and total HbA1 by using the cation exchange column and three types of elution buffer with different salt concentrations. The percentage of HbA1c peak in relation to the total area is calculated as the HbA1c concentration (%).

Cat No. Description Pack Size  Unit
1 Reagent Kit   (350 Tests)

GH1800 HbA1c   Elution Buffer A 800 mL 1
GH2400 HbA1c   Elution Buffer B 400 mL 1
GH3400 HbA1c   Elution Buffer C 400 mL 1

3 Performance

  • Excellent precision: CV≤1.5%

  • Broader test range: 2.8%~18.4%

  • Report multiple glycation components to provide more comprehensive clinical reference

1 Easy Maintenance

  • Automated daily maintenance

  • Power-saving auto Stand-by function

  • Utilize 4~12 Mpa high pressure pump which offers steady output and minimizes pipe blockage

2 High Efficiency

  • Up to 60 tests per hour. STAT position supported.

  • Direct whole blood testing

  • Cap piercing and no sample pre-treatment

  • 110 sample positions with automatic loading function.

  • Automatic identification of sample tube type.

  • Userfriendly 20° flippable touch screen

Prevention and monitoring of chronic

complications of diabetes mellitus


of stress hyperglycemia

from diabetes mellitus

Diagnosis of neonatal and gestational diabetes mellitus

Early screening and diagnosis of diabetes mellitus

Evaluation of the effectiveness of blood glucose control programs

The American Diabetes Association (ADA) recommends

HbA1c Recommended Testing Frequency:

At least twice a year in patients with stable and satisfactorily controlled blood glucose

  • For those with unsatisfactory blood glucose control and need to adjust their regimen, testing should be done once every 3 months or so

  • For pregnant women with diabetes mellitus treated with insulin, a test once every 2 months is recommended.

  • For women with diabetes who are planning to become pregnant, glycosylated hemoglobin should be measured once a month at the beginning;After the blood sugar control is satisfactory, the test can be changed to once every 6-8 weeks until conception.

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