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Reflection on Goldsite 's Remarkable Journey at CMEF 2023

Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2023-05-25      Origin: Site


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What an exceptional three-day adventure we've had at CMEF 2023!

Goldsite team is proud to be part of the China International Medical Equipment Fair (CMEF) Spring in Shanghai this year, which is scheduled to take place on 14-17 May.


At our booth 6.1H26, we presented an impressive lineup of flagship medical diagnostics solutions, including Specific Protein, biochemistry, fluorescence immunoassay (FIA), hematology and HbA1c solutions.

Day 1 set the tone with a bustling atmosphere at our booth. As soon as the event started, we saw a steady flow of attendees, sparking countless intriguing conversations. Our innovative products and services drew attention, laying a solid foundation for the days to come.

Day 2 brought an increased rush of visitors. Our booth became a hotspot for detailed discussions, with many people eager to learn more about our offerings. The feedback we received was both constructive and inspiring, giving us valuable insights to guide our future development.

A rising interest has been observed among visitors in relation to Goldsite's HbA1c solutions. We are pleased to spotlight two of our preeminent products - the HPLC HbA1c Analyzer GSH-60 and the A1c Go POCT HbA1c Analyzer. These two products have been tailored to meet distinct requirements.

The GSH-60 serves as an exceptionally efficient tool, apt for medium to large-scale laboratories and hospitals. It boasts a resilient column that can be repurposed up to 8000 times, providing an impressive precision with a validated CV of less than 1.5%. The GSH-60 also offers a rapid result generation time of merely 1 minute per test. Additional features include a STAT position and automatic loading capability for 110 sample positions. When it comes to routine maintenance in a lab setting, the GSH-60 largely self-manages, significantly reducing the workload for lab professionals.

GSH-60_画板 1

On the other hand, the A1c Go HbA1c Analyzer has been specifically designed for point-of-care applications. Its compact size and minimal footprint make it an optimal choice for small to medium laboratories and clinics. This allows patients to avail immediate, on-site HbA1c testing during their visit to a doctor's office lab. The A1c Go HbA1c Analyzer incorporates a compatible all-in-one cartridge-based reagent, and with a single-step operation - inserting the sampled cartridge into the device - results are automatically displayed and printed within 5 minutes.

A1C GO hba1c analyzer

We were thrilled by the vast interest in our company on the final exhibition day, leading to numerous potential partnerships. We were humbled by the level of engagement and impressed by the profound discussions we had.

In a bid to innovate our engagement methods, we integrated both offline and online interaction strategies with our booth visitors this time. On the second and third days, we broadcasted live on our Facebook page, thereby expanding our reach to those unable to attend the event in person in Shanghai due to their busy schedules. This real-time streaming allowed us to interact with a larger audience and enabled them to engage with the Goldsite team despite geographical limitations.


We take great pride in our successful endeavors at CMEF 2023. Not only did we successfully showcase our offerings, but we also made significant connections and gained an abundance of knowledge from our attendees.

Our gratitude extends to all who visited our booth, both physically and virtually. We highly value this exchange and are eager to cultivate the relationships we've initiated during this invigorating event.
As we reflect on our fruitful journey at CMEF 2023, we're excited about the future and the opportunities that lie ahead. Here's to a bright and promising year!

About CMEF 2023

The China International Medicinal Equipment Fair (CMEF) was launched in the year 1979 and is held twice every year, once in spring and the other in autumn, including exhibitions and forums. After more than 40 years of self-improvement and continuous development, the CMEF has now become one of the world's leading global integrated service platforms in the value chain of medical devices, covering products and technology, new product launches, procurement and trade, scientific collaboration, academic forums, brand promotion, education, and training. The fair widely covers more than ten thousand products, including medical optical and electro-medical devices, smart healthcare and wearable equipment, and services including medical imaging, medical examination, in-vitro diagnostics, and hospital construction.


Goldsite Diagnostics Inc. stands as a preeminent manufacturer of in-vitro diagnostic (IVD) products, committed to making high-quality diagnostic solutions accessible to all. With an impressive legacy spanning over two decades since establishment in 1999, Goldsite has cultivated a solid reputation as a reliable partner in the IVD industry.
Our portfolio encompasses an extensive array of medical diagnostic solutions. We specialize in Specific Protein, biochemistry, chemiluminescence, Fluorescence Immunoassay (FIA), hematology and HbA1c, and COVID-19 solutions. Our range spans from Laboratory to Point-of-Care Testing (POCT) platforms, offering an inclusive suite of products for diverse medical needs.
Goldsite's products proudly adhere to international standards and bear the CE marking as a testament to their quality. Our reach extends across the globe, with our products being exported to more than 80 countries.Our dedication lies in ensuring that everyone has access to reliable, accurate, and timely diagnostic information.



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Our Vision

Our vision is to deliver state-of-art solutions that enhance patient care and improve health outcomes. We are dedicated to providing healthcare professionals with the tools they need to deliver accurate and reliable diagnoses, while also making medical diagnostics more accessible and affordable for all. We aim to make a positive impact on global health and well-being.

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Goldsite Diagnostics Inc., founded in 1999, is a leading Chinese diagnostics manufacturer specializing in in-vitro diagnostics devices and reagents.

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